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From preview video concept to execution

1. We define the concept: from idea to outline

We'll have a call so we can clarify your goals, refine your preview
idea, and get crystal clear on what we want the video to illustrate. For previews
to be awesome they must tell a story. So we'll get on with your
app trying to understand what you are doing and who represents your

We'll use that information to craft a detailed storyline that contains all of your
preview ideas in a simple, clean format.

What you first get:

The complete storyline

Your audience’s characteristics

Desired VFX and Transitions

Audio integration

2. We execute: from outline to final preview video

This is where we go into the studio and we make the magic happen. It usually takes
from 1 to 4 days until we get back with the first draft. If everything's ok we quickly get on
to putting the finishing touches. After we polish everything we export it and you receive a
"Ready-to-Upload App Store video" and multiple format exports. When we make a video for you,
the assets we create belong to you, and are yours to use as you see fit, although we should
agree in advance on where your video is intended to be seen so we can
generate things accordingly.

You will finally receive:

Multiple format exports

Ready-to-upload App Store video

They also work with us

Add an App Preview video to your App Store page

Engage customers with a short video of your app in action, directly on your app product
page on the App Store. By showing the experience of using your app, app previews can
help customers better understand your app and encourage more downloads.

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